CPA programs make it easy to conserve energy, save money, and create a brighter future.

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) is a not-for-profit electricity provider serving 35 Southern California communities with clean energy options. Our customer programs help enhance community resilience, conserve energy, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and save residents and businesses money on their electric bills.

Find the CPA program—or programs—that best fit your needs and join CPA in its commitment to strengthening local communities, benefiting the environment, and building a clean energy future.

Power Response – Commercial Leaders

Business owners can earn $80/kW-year for reducing energy use during high electricity demand. Eligible devices can be enrolled, or equipment can be adjusted manually to help relieve stress on the electrical grid.
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Power Ready

CPA’s power resiliency program provides participating cities and counties with a clean energy backup power system installation to support critical community or municipal functions during power outages.
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Sun Storage Rebate

Homeowners who install an eligible solar battery storage system in their home can apply for a $750 rebate —with an additional $250 available to income-eligible customers.
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Power Share

Provides income-qualified customers in under-resourced communities with 100% renewable energy at a 20% monthly bill discount.
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Green Leader Program

Businesses and public entities on 100% Green Power can highlight their sustainability efforts through the Green Leader program. Promote your business through marketing and networking benefits provided at no charge.
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Energized Communities

CPA assists partner communities in achieving sustainability goals through the program’s three Pathways to Electrification offerings and an Innovation Grant. Pathways offer financial and technological support for adopting electric technologies, while the Innovation Grant funds local customized sustainability projects.
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Power Response – Smart Home

Customers receive enrollment incentives by registering qualified smart devices, such as thermostats and electric vehicle chargers. Registered smart devices automatically adjust during high energy demand, reducing grid stress and increasing resiliency.
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Reach Code Program

Supports partner communities in evaluating and adopting building electrification codes that improve indoor air quality, increase electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
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Power Response – Home

Customers earn money to participate in conserving energy during times of high energy demand. Residential customers manually adjust their thermostats, lights, and appliances to reduce grid stress and increase resiliency.
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Workforce Development

CPA partners with local organizations to provide training to advance green energy jobs. Current partners include the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) and union training centers operated by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Locals 11 and 952.
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Power Response – Multifamily Community

Residents and property owners work together to reduce their electricity use when electricity demand is high. The program provides the participating units customers with smart thermostats and financial incentives for participation.
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CPA Programs' Impact

CPA’s programs support the following three categories in its commitment to strengthening local communities, benefiting the environment, and building a clean energy future.

The rising risk of power outages has prompted CPA to invest in backup battery storage energy at essential facilities, such as city halls and community centers, to minimize impacts during emergencies or significant weather events. CPA also offers financial incentives to customers who agree to reduce their electricity usage during times when the grid is stressed and electricity is expensive.

CPA helps reduce California’s dependency on fossil fuels by working with city and county officials to strengthen local building standards that encourage development of electric vehicle infrastructure and foster increased use of clean energy.

CPA helps develop small-scale solar projects in under-resourced communities to enhance access to 100% green energy and provide 20% discounts to our eligible customers.