Net Energy Metering (NEM)

Through Clean Power Alliance's NEM program, customers with rooftop solar or other eligible generating systems can receive bill credits and even receive cash back when their systems produce more energy than they use over a 12-month period.

NEM Rates

Clean Power Alliance provides a Net Surplus Compensation Rate (NSCR) that is always 10% more than SCE’s most recent NSCR. Click the button below to view Clean Power Alliance’s current rate information.

How it Works

Southern California Edison (SCE) will continue to be responsible for monthly NEM electricity delivery service charges and credits, and Clean Power Alliance will be responsible for monthly NEM electricity generation charges and credits. Once your account transfers to Clean Power Alliance’s NEM program, you will be eligible for Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) from Clean Power Alliance.

Here are a few differences between Clean Power Alliance's NEM program and the generation portion of SCE's NEM program: 

  • Clean Power Alliance customers pay their bill each month instead of once a year as is the default in SCE's NEM program. 

  • Clean Power Alliance will true up all customers on an annual basis each April, beginning in April 2020 rather than on a unique date for each customer. 

  • Clean Power Alliance customers who generate more than they consume in a year will be eligible for net surplus compensation at rate 10% higher than SCE's net surplus compensation rate.  

There may be other differences and changes in NEM policy over time.  Please contact CPA if you have questions or would like additional information about CPA's NEM program.

How to Enroll

For Clean Power Alliance customers who are already enrolled in SCE’s NEM program will automatically be enrolled in Clean Power Alliance’s NEM program. Upon your enrollment with Clean Power Alliance, your NEM account will be settled with SCE, and you will be switched to Clean Power Alliance’s NEM program on your next meter read date.

For new net energy metering customers, call SCE to get set up and request your interconnection application. Once you’ve completed the SCE NEM enrollment process, you will automatically be enrolled in Clean Power Alliance’s NEM program if you are an eligible Clean Power Alliance customer.

For residential customers: 866-701-7868

For commercial customers: 866-701-7869


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