Ted Bardacke

Chief Executive Officer

Ted Bardacke is the Chief Executive Officer of Clean Power Alliance, the locally-operated electricity provider for 33 cities and more than one million customers across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Ted works with the Board of Directors and CPA’s experienced staff to develop and implement CPA’s strategy to rapidly decarbonize Southern California’s electricity system, provide customer choice and competitive rates, and deliver customer programs that benefit the CPA community.

Prior to CPA, Ted worked for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, where he was Director of Infrastructure for the City of Los Angeles and Deputy Director of the Mayor’s Sustainability Office. Prior to that, Ted worked in the Green Urbanism Program at Global Green USA, and in the 1990s served as a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times of London, based in Mexico City and Bangkok.

Ted holds degrees from Wesleyan University and the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University and taught at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs for 10 years. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the California Community Choice Association (CalCCA), where he actively works on CCA and energy market issues across California.

David McNeil

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Langer

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Monique Edwards-Greer

Chief Administrative Officer

S. Nancy Whang

General Counsel

Raynette Tom

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

Gabby Monzon

Clerk of the Board

Customer Programs

Joanne O’Neill
Director, Customer Programs

Sona Coffee

Senior Program Manager, Local Government Program

Xico Manarolla

Program Manager,



Alex Ricklefs

Program Manager, 

Community Solar

Jillian Nelson

Program Manager, Grid

Management and Resiliency


John Spector

Program Manager,

Resiliency Programs and Grants

Data and Systems

Andrew Braeger

Director, Data and Systems

Arunesh Mishra

Database Administrator

Farah Farouk

Data Scientist

Kenneth Contla

Project Manager,
Data and Systems

Jacob Adamson

Analyst, Data and Systems

Communications and Marketing

Cara Rene

Director, Communications and Marketing

Astrid Raimondo

Senior Marketing and
Digital Strategy Manager

Shervan A. Sebastian

Associate, Communications
and Marketing

Karla Velazquez

Administrator II,
Communications and Marketing

Nathan Becker, Visual Designer

Nathan Becker

Visual Designer

Connie Lu

Associate, Communications
and Marketing

Nathan Becker, Visual Designer

Byron Janisse

Project Manager, Communications and Marketing

Riju Mondal

Website Developer,
Communications and Marketing

Finance, Accounting and Risk Management

Hui Lisano

Senior Director, Finance and Accounting

Lyon Hardgrave

Director, Energy Risk Management

Antony Sugiarto

Financial Planning and
Analysis Manager II

Van Hua

Senior Accountant

Kate Freeman

Strategic Finance Manager

Ammad Mansoor

Analyst, Strategic Finance

Alex Maranga

Analyst, Financial

Sergei Kotsan

Energy Risk Manager

Jacky Lo

Analyst, Energy Risk

Natalie Baerlocher

Load Forecasting and
Analytics Manager

Amir Javanbakht

Senior Analyst,
Load Forecasting

Government Affairs

Gina Goodhill

Senior Director,
Government Affairs

Kendal Asuncion

Legislative and Government Affairs Manager

Joseph Cabral

External Affairs Manager —
Ventura County

Christian Cruz

Senior Community Outreach

Dalia Gomez

External Affairs Manager —
Los Angeles County


Francis Choi

Assistant General Counsel

Dusty Shaller


Operations and Account Services

Tanya DeHoyos

Director, People and Culture

Karen Schmidt

Director, Rates and Strategy

Chris Shepardson

Director, Customer Care

Jennifer Giles

Commercial Accounts Executive

Hilda Calzada

Associate II, Customer Care

Scott Gropp

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Tiffany Gilliard

Office Manager

Michael Long

Senior Advisor, Rates and Tariffs

Chandler York

Analyst, Rates and Strategy

Mili Shah

People and Culture Manager

Abdul Sayed

Associate, People and Culture

Pavel Romanenko

Analyst II, Customer Care

Mo Shapiro

Assistant, Operations and
Strategic Sourcing

Power Supply and Resource Planning

Lindsay Descagnia

Vice President, Power Supply

John McNamara

Director, Structured Contracts

Ted Tardif

Director, Power Origination

Clarissa Chan

Senior Manager,
Market Operations

Alexandra Caryotakis

Senior Advisor,
Structured Contracts

David Potovsky

Senior Advisor,
Structured Contracts

Annie Gustafson

Project Manager,
Power Supply and Compliance

Cody Walding

Project Manager, Settlements

Rachel Allred

Project Manager, Settlements

Sean Hernandez

Resource Optimization

Kaitlin Smart

Analyst, Power Supply

Rich Viebrock

Advisor, Power Origination

Tsemon Awala-Velly

Project Manager,
Origination and Contract

Joseph Clay

Resource Planner,
Power Supply

Regulatory and Policy

CC Song

Senior Director,
Regulatory Affairs

Ben Gustafson

Advisor, Regulatory Affairs

Alexis Rizo

Analyst, Regulatory Affairs

Clark McIssac

Advisor, Regulatory Affairs