Return to Clean Power Alliance

At Clean Power Alliance, we’re all about giving you choices when it comes to your energy. So, if you opted out but have since changed your mind, we would be thrilled to welcome you back to our service. We’ll help you through the process to return to Clean Power Alliance service so you can benefit from our competitive rates, local management and control, and more as soon as possible.

If you opted out of Clean Power Alliance and would like to return to our service, please contact us a call at 888-585-3788 or email

If you opted out of Clean Power Alliance before starting Clean Power Alliance service may return at any time by calling us at the number above or emailing us at

If you opted out of Clean Power Alliance after your service launch, SCE requires you to stay with SCE service for a minimum of 12 months before returning to Clean Power Alliance. Not sure when you started service? Contact us!

Clean Power Alliance Rate Options

We currently offer three rate options to meet your unique needs.

Our Lean Power provides 40% renewable energy content at the lowest possible cost—with the added benefit of local management and control.
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Our Clean Power provides 50% renewable energy content and the opportunity to support building a cleaner future, all at cost-competitive rates.
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Our 100% Green Power provides 100% renewable energy content and gives you the opportunity to be an environmental champion—leading the way to a greener future.
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