Power Sources

Clean Power Alliance is proud to bring clean, renewable power choices to communities across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.  We currently offer three rate options designed to suit the diverse needs of our communities, and a breakdown of the power sources for each of these options is outlined below.

*Clean Power Alliance generation data represents final 2018 data provided through the California Energy Commission's Power Source Disclosure Program.
**Unspecified sources of power mean electricity from transactions that are not traceable to specific generation sources.

Green-e® Certification

Green-e® Energy is a consumer protection program designed to provide purchasers of renewable energy good product information, assurance of product quality and verification of product ownership. Since Clean Power Alliance's inception in 2018, our 100% Green Power product has been Green-e® certified. To learn more about Green-e®, please visit their website at www.green-e.org.

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Power Content Labels

If you're a 100% Green Power product customer and want to see the Green-e® certified Power Content Labels (our mix of energy sources), click the dropdown menus below to view by year.

Prospective Power Content Labels

In addition, Clean Power Alliance sends customers an annual Power Content Label mailer from the prior year. Click below to view by year.

Power Procurement

Clean Power Alliance periodically purchases wholesale electric energy and capacity from generators and suppliers, including local renewable and carbon-free energy. If you are interested in seeing our open contracting opportunities, please visit our Jobs and Contracting website.