Residential Rates

Calculate and Compare Your Energy Bill

You can compare total average monthly bills for service with Clean Power Alliance and service with SCE. You can decide which option is best for your needs and priorities.

Clean Power Alliance is your locally owned and operated electricity provider in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. We believe in a renewable energy future that is local, where communities are empowered and customers are given a choice about the energy they use.

We understand energy rates can be challenging to navigate, so we’re here to simplify it and help you better understand how to compare your energy options.

“As renters, we’re happy to be CPA customers since it gives us a chance to get affordable clean energy. Reducing our impact on the environment is very important to our family.” – CPA residential customers, Alhambra

How It Works

Clean Power Alliance purchases renewable electricity sources like hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, and wind power that supplies energy for your home, which we provide at competitive rates.

Southern California Edison (SCE) continues to deliver your electricity to your home, read your electric meter, send your monthly bill, and provide the same maintenance and other services they always have.

Who to Contact for Service

Contact Clean Power Alliance at 888-585-3788 to evaluate your rate options, get a customized rate analysis, change your renewable energy tier for any of your accounts, opt out to SCE, or return to Clean Power Alliance.

Contact SCE to change your delivery rate schedules and report service issues, including repairs, power outages, and stopping or starting service.

Calculate and Compare Your Bill

Use our Bill Comparison Calculator to calculate your specific rate and better understand what your bill looks like with Clean Power Alliance and SCE rate options. Let’s get started:

Locate your most recent SCE bill

Find the ‘Generation (Supply) Charges’ section on the second to last page of your bill

You’ll see ‘Your rate’ type, which will be one of the following:


Click on the Bill Comparison Calculator button below and enter your rate, service location (city), and energy usage in kWh. If you do not see your rate plan listed (including NEM rates), please contact for more information

Your total amount of energy used in the billing period, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) can be located under ‘Your past and current electricity usage’ section

Select the orange question icons for guidance on where to find additional information on your bill or call us at 888-585-3788 for help

Residential Rates

Our rates are set by our Board of Directors based on the projected cost of energy, typically on an annual basis, so you’ll have a steady, predictable outlook on your rates. Depending on which rate option you choose (Lean, Clean, or 100% Green), you’ll see a cost savings or premium on your electricity bill.

We offer three options for your electricity designed to fit the diverse needs of our residential customers. Our residential rates vary depending on the type of option you choose:

Our Lean Power provides 40% clean energy.
Learn More

Our Clean Power provides 50% renewable energy.
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Our 100% Green Power provides 100% renewable energy.
Learn More

Now, let’s better understand your specific rates. First locate your individual rate type (see Step 3 above), and then click on the Current Rate Schedules button below to see your generation charges. The “Domestic Rates” residential rate type is shown here as a reference:

All energy charges are in $/kWh for generation charges only. SCE delivery charges and CCA cost responsibility surcharge(s) are not included.

Lean Power
Clean Power
100% Green Power

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