CPA’s Core Program Categories

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Grid Management & Resiliency

The rising risk of power outages has prompted CPA to invest in backup battery storage energy at essential facilities, such as city halls and community centers, to minimize impacts during emergencies or significant weather events. CPA also offers financial incentives to customers who agree to reduce their electricity usage during times when the grid is stressed and electricity is expensive.
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Transportation & Building Electrification

CPA helps reduce California’s dependency on fossil fuels by working with city and county officials to strengthen local building standards that encourage development of electric vehicle infrastructure and foster increased use of clean energy.
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Local Energy Procurement

CPA helps develop small-scale solar projects in under-resourced communities to enhance access to 100% green energy and provide 20% discounts to our eligible customers.

Residential Energy Efficiency

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Power Share

Access to affordable 100% renewable energy is available for income-qualified customers in under-resourced communities. Combined with available CARE/FERA discounts, eligible customers can reduce their electric bills by up to 45% when participating in Power Share.

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Power Response - Smart Home

Receive sign-up incentives when using smart device technology to reduce energy consumption. The Power Response – Smart Home program improves air quality in our communities and lowers electric bills during peak times.

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Power Response - Home
Save Energy and earn money when you enroll in the Power Response Home program. Residential customers can earn money for manually adjusting their thermostat, lights, and appliances during times of high energy demand.

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Community Solar

Solar energy providers and community sponsors are encouraged to partner with us and help income-qualified customers in under-resourced communities access 100% green energy with discounted rates on their electric bills.

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Power Response - Multifamily Community

Commercial Energy Efficiency

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Power Ready

CPA’s resiliency program allows cities and counties to host a solar-powered battery storage system to support critical community or municipal functions during power outages. Be Power Ready by saving energy during critical events.

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Power Response - Commercial Leaders

Businesses can earn $80/kW-year for reducing energy use a few times a year when energy saving events are active. Enroll your eligible devices or adjust operations manually and help relieve stress on our electrical grid.

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Peak Management Pricing

Our demand response program allows you to save energy and money on electric bills by taking voluntary actions to power down appliances, electronics, air conditioning, or other equipment during peak heat days when demand is high.

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Green Leader Program

Help your community and your business by becoming a Green Leader. Gain access to 100% green energy and promote your business through marketing and networking benefits. CPA can assist in highlighting your success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Electric Vehicle Charger Incentives

Rebates up to $6,000 are available to boost the purchase and installation of new electric vehicle charging stations in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Local businesses, nonprofits, commercial properties, school districts, and others can apply and help expand charging capacity throughout our communities.

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Workforce Development

CPA partners with local organizations to nurture a future workforce prepared to advance green energy technologies. Current partners include the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) and union training centers operated by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Locals 11 and 952.

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Building Electrification

Shift from fossil fuels to 100% green energy with our newly built reach codes to save energy and money on electric bills, while improving indoor air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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