Power Share

Power Sharing is Caring

Interested in the benefits of roof-top solar but can’t access them? Want your home to be powered by clean local energy?

Clean Power Alliance’s Power Share program can help you save on your electric bill, while supporting local solar energy! Clean Power Alliance is committed to ensuring that communities can get all the benefits – financial, health, environmental – of local solar power, regardless of income.

Low-income residential customers in participating communities can now enroll in Power Share and receive a 20 percent bill discount, in addition to discounts already received for CARE or FERA. You will benefit from local renewable energy while helping lead the way to cleaner air and a greener future. Participating customers don’t need to have solar installed on their own homes to receive the financial benefits of solar power.

The 100% renewable energy will be come from qualified renewable generating facilities located in under-resourced communities in Southern California.

How it Works

Power Share provides eligible residential customers with 100% renewable electricity from small-scale solar power and other renewable energy facilities that are locally developed and operated.

Clean Power Alliance purchases the energy from these sources to benefit participating customers who receive 100% renewable energy at a 20 percent discount. The discount will appear on the Clean Power Alliance “supply/generation” portion of your bill, but is based on your total bill, and is in addition to your CARE or FERA discount. Once you’ve enrolled, you will continue to receive this 20 percent bill discount as long as you continue to meet the program requirements (see below).

Nothing else changes – you will still get the same, reliable electricity from Clean Power Alliance as you always have.

Eligibility and How to Apply

Signing up is simple. Use the enrollment form below or contact us at 888-585-3788 today to find out if you’re eligible and to enroll in Power Share. Have a recent electric bill handy to locate your service account number.

To participate in Power Share, you must:

  1. Live in a “Disadvantaged Community” (DAC) as defined by the State of California. For a map of DACs in Clean Power Alliance's service territory click here or visit the CalEnviroScreen website.

  2. Be eligible for the CARE or FERA financial assistance programs.

Power Share is available to eligible residential customers on a first-come, first-served basis until the program capacity limit is reached.

Not enrolled in CARE or FERA? To check your eligibility and sign up for CARE or FERA visit SCE's CARE/FERA Program page.

Contact Us

Want more information about Power Share? Give us a call at 888-585-3788 or email us at customerservice@cleanpoweralliance.org.