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Power Sharing is Caring

You can help to save the environment by using clean energy! Qualified customers can save 20% on your bill with our new Power Share program.

With Power Share, disadvantaged communities get all the benefits of clean power:

  • Financial – save 20% on your electric bill (an average customer can receive $172 a year off your bill)
  • Environmental – by using solar-generated clean power, when you turn on the lights you can reduce harmful emissions leading to cleaner air
  • Health – cleaner air means better health for you, your family, friends, and neighbors

The 20% Power Share discount will be applied to customers’ already discounted California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) or Family Electric Rates Assistance (FERA) programs, if you participate in CARE or FERA.** This can lead to an overall bill discount of approximately 35-45%.

Power Share provides eligible residential customers with 100% renewable electricity from small-scale solar power and other renewable energy facilities that are locally developed and operated.

Clean Power Alliance purchases the energy from these sources to benefit participating customers who receive 100% renewable energy at a 20% discount. The discount will appear on the Clean Power Alliance “supply/generation” portion of your bill, but is based on your total bill, and is in addition to your CARE or FERA discount. Once you’ve enrolled, you will continue to receive this 20% bill discount as long as you continue to meet the program requirements (see below).

Nothing else changes – you will still get the same, reliable electricity from Clean Power Alliance as you always have.

Signing up is simple. Use the enrollment form above or contact us at 888-585-3788 today to find out if you’re eligible and to enroll in Power Share. Have a recent electric bill handy to locate your service account number.

To participate in Power Share, you must:

  1. Live in a “Disadvantaged Community” (DAC) as defined by the State of California. For a map of DACs in Clean Power Alliance’s service territory click here or visit the CalEnviroScreen website.
  2. Be eligible for the CARE or FERA financial assistance programs.

Power Share is available to eligible residential customers on a first-come, first-served basis until the program capacity limit is reached.

Not enrolled in CARE or FERA? To check your eligibility and sign up for CARE or FERA, click here.

*Power Share savings for the average customer is approximately $172 per year. Pricing is for a typical customer and subject to Clean Power Alliance Terms and Conditions of Service. Power Share Terms and Conditions or Rates may be adjusted at a duly noticed meeting of the Clean Power Alliance Board of Directors. Board agendas are available at: cleanpoweralliance.org/agendas.


**CARE and FERA are statewide programs administered by Southern California Edison (SCE) for all income-qualified Clean Power Alliance customers. Clean Power Alliance customers must qualify for CARE or FERA in order to participate in the Power Share program. Applying for the Power Share program does not automatically enroll you in CARE or FERA. To find out if you qualify and to enroll in CARE or FERA contact SCE at (800) 655-4555 or apply online at: sce.com/care.

Customer Support:


Customer Support: 888-585-3788

TTY: 323-214-1296

Don’t have your customer number handy?

Not a problem! A customer representative can help you with enrollment. Please call 888-585-3788 or enter your email for a reminder tomorrow.