Maximize your solar investment with the Sun Storage Rebate: Powering homes, reducing emissions, and securing your home’s electricity reliability.

The Sun Storage Rebate offers Clean Power Alliance residential customers up to $750 with an additional $250 for income-eligible customers when they install an eligible solar battery storage system in their home. With over 1,200 qualified solar battery storage systems to choose from, you can now select the right solar battery for your home. 

CPA is accepting applications for up to 1,000 customers. The rebates will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Apply today.

Check out our Sun Storage Rebate FAQ for more information on our program.

Solar Battery System Benefits

By choosing a solar battery system, you’re increasing your home’s electrical reliability, reducing new carbon emissions, and investing in your home. You own the solar energy you generate and can use it around the clock.  

Smart Electricity

When your solar panels produce excess energy, it gets banked into your solar battery system. You will have access to this excess energy when the sun is down.

Savings That Matter
A solar battery system is great for the environment and kind to your wallet. Enjoy ongoing savings on your electricity bill while creating your own sustainable power.

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Increase Your Home's Electrical Resiliency

Embrace the role of both consumer and producer of your home’s electricity by pairing your solar panel with a battery system. Access reliable and clean power even during cloudy days.

Program Eligibility

Residential Customers
If you’re a CPA residential customer, you’re eligible to receive the $750 rebate, when you install a new and eligible battery storage system paired with new or existing solar photovoltaics panels. Battery storage system must be at least 5 kWh in capacity and be an approved equipment from CA Public Utilities Commission’s Self-Generation Incentive Program’s (SGIP) Verified Equipment List.

Customers enrolled in the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Program, the Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) Program, or a Medical Baseline rate are eligible for the $1,000 rebate rate. Click the respective program webpages for eligibility information.

The Self-Generation Incentive Program has a list of approved contractors with experience in installing battery storage and solar PV systems.

A contractor licensed under the Contractors State License Board will be needed to install your battery storage system, and you’ll have to identify them in your Incentive Reservation Form. More details on this form are below.

The Self-Generation Incentive Program has a list of approved contractors with experience in installing battery storage and solar PV systems. 

The Sun Storage Rebate Process

Submit your Incentive Reservation Form to CPA
Set up your solar battery system
Submit your Incentive Claim Form to CPA

Submit your Incentive Reservation Form for the rebate program today by emailing or contacting customer support for any questions at 888-220-8843.

Already applied? Submit your claim today!

The Sun Storage Rebate Handbook here.


The Sun Storage Rebate Handbook here.


For frequently asked questions about this program, check out the Sun Storage Rebate Program Frequently Asked Questions page.