What is the Sun Storage Rebate Program?

Launched in 2024, the Bright Home Rebate Program is an incentive program — offering rebates of $750 or $1,000 — for eligible residential customers who install a battery storage system paired with a solar PV (solar panel) system. Residential customers will receive their rebate upon successfully installing and interconnecting an eligible battery storage system.

Who’s eligible?

The Sun Storage Rebate Program is available to all Clean Power Alliance residential customers who do not currently have an operating battery storage system.

Who receives the $750 rebate and who receives the $1,000 rebate?

If you’re enrolled in the Rates for Energy (CARE) Program, the Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) Program, or a Medical Baseline rate, you’re eligible for the $1,000 incentive rate. (See below for a link to their program webpages to learn more.) 

If you’re not enrolled in any of these programs but are a CPA residential customer, you’re eligible for the $750 rebate.

What is CARE, FERA, and MBL and how do I check if I qualify?

The CARE and FERA Programs offer financial assistance, reducing electricity bills for eligible customers. Check eligibility and enroll at: https://www.cpuc.ca.gov/industries-and-topics/electrical-energy/electric-costs/care-fera-program

The Medical Baseline Program provides additional electricity at a discounted rate for customers with medical needs. For details and enrollment, visit: https://www.pge.com/en/account/billing-and-assistance/financial-assistance/medical-baseline-program.html

If I already have solar, am I still eligible?

Yes, as long as you’re a CPA residential customer and don’t have an existing battery storage system.

What is an interconnection?

Interconnection is the process of connecting your solar battery systems to the electrical grid. CPA customers must go through Southern California Edison’s (SCE’s) interconnection process to receive the program incentive. For more information, please see SCE’s guide to interconnection requirements and processes here: www.sce.com/residential/generating-your-own-power/Grid-Interconnections

How much does a battery storage system cost?

According to Energy Sage, as of December 2023, the average storage system cost in California is $1,080/kWh. This cost doesn’t factor in incentives like the Sun Storage Rebate Program, California Public Utilities Commission’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), or the federal tax credit.

How do I apply for a rebate?

To secure your rebate, complete and get approval through the Incentive Reservation Form and the Incentive Claim Form. The Reservation Form, capturing your and the contractor's details, is submitted online or by email. Upon approval, your rebate is reserved for one year, extendable up to two three-month periods. If rejected, resubmission is allowed. After installing and interconnecting the battery storage system, submit the Claim Form. CPA reviews and, upon acceptance, disburses your incentive funds.

What happens if program funds are fully reserved when I apply?

If funds are fully reserved, you’ll be placed on a waitlist on a first-come-first-served basis.

Is my incentive guaranteed after it’s reserved?

No, an Incentive Claim Form must be submitted before the reservation expires.

Do I have to own the property where I’m installing the battery storage system?

No, but you must be an account holder at the requested address and obtain any necessary approvals to install the battery storage system. Renters typically need approval from the property owner to install solar and solar battery storage systems and condo or townhome owners may need approval from their Homeowners Associations.  

If I already installed a battery storage system, can I still apply for this incentive?

No, this rebate is only available to customers who don’t already have operating battery storage systems.

My Incentive Reservation Form was approved, but the info I put on it has changed. What should I do?

You will have to contact us and verify that your system equipment is still eligible. New system information must be provided on the Incentive Claim Form. If new system equipment is not eligible, the customer will lose their reservation spot and be unable to claim a rebate.

Do I need to have a contractor chosen to submit an Incentive Reservation Form?

Yes, the contractor who will be installing your battery storage system must be identified and included in your Incentive Reservation Form.

Are federal tax credits available for battery storage systems?

Yes, there is a federal Residential Clean Energy Credit that equals 30% of the cost of new, qualified clean energy property installed between 2022 and 2032. For more information, please see: www.irs.gov/credits-deductions/residential-clean-energy-credit