Clean Power Alliance

CPA acquires clean energy supply from local and regional solar, wind, geothermal and hydro resources.



SCE delivers the power, maintains the lines, and reads your meter.



You benefit from more clean power options.

We work together to bring you access to the most sustainable energy available

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We invest in the communities we serve

By 2025 our Local Programs for a Clean Energy Future strategic plan calls for $200 million of investments in the communities we serve.

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We give people the power of choice

With Clean Power Alliance, people finally have a choice. 35 communities, 1 million customers, and over 3 million residents and businesses have chosen CPA to keep Earth green.

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We protect the environment

10.3 billion pounds of greenhouse emissions were prevented by our customers choosing clean energy options. 

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Explore CPA’s service area

Learn how CPA’s 33 cities and the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties lead the way to a clean energy future. Click on an icon below to discover how much Greenhouse Gas Emissions have been avoided in the communities we serve and more!