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Peak Management Pricing (PMP) Program

Seeking ways to help your business save on its electric bill? Clean Power Alliance’s Peak Management Pricing (PMP) program can help. Being cost conscious and environmentally savvy has never been easier!

PMP is a demand response program that encourages commercial and municipal customers to voluntarily take action to power down appliances, electronics, air conditioning, or other equipment during peak heat days and get summer bill credits in return. PMP allows your business to earn bill credits while helping reduce the emissions caused by peak strain on the grid.

How it Works

Participating customers will receive bill credits during the summer months of the program (June – September), in exchange for being charged a premium for energy consumed during peak hours (4:00 – 9:00 p.m.) on “PMP event days”. PMP event days when your business will be asked to conserve are often the hottest days of the year with high energy consumption.

PMP event days will only occur on non-holiday weekdays, with a maximum of 12 event days per year. Your business will be notified via email or text up to 24 hours in advance of an event so that you can prepare ahead to reduce your energy usage. Events can occur on consecutive days but will not exceed two per week.

Another benefit of the program is that participating customers will receive “Bill Protection.” With Bill Protection, you will receive a bill credit at the end of your first calendar year on PMP if you paid more than you would have otherwise paid on your regular rate. This feature of the program allows customers to try out demand response without financial risk, and there’s no commitment to stay in the program if you decide it’s not a fit for your business.

PMP Rates

Surcharge and credit rates for the PMP program, effective as of July 1, 2023, are shown in the table below. Surcharge rates are added to any energy consumed during on-peak hours (4 p.m. to 9 p.m.) on PMP Event Days. Credit rates apply on non-event days as a credit to your normal rate during on-peak hours in the summer months of the program (June–September).

Rate Schedule
Surcharge Amount
* Summer Incentive Credits



















* Incentive credit is applied to the maximum monthly on-peak demand in kW, except for TOU-GS-1-E/TOU-GS-1-ES, for which it is applied to the monthly on-peak energy usage in kWh.

How to Enroll

PMP program enrollment is quick. Authorized individuals can simply complete the enrollment form below with the required details about your business and service addresses and let us know who you would like to receive the PMP event alerts. There’s no limit on the number of accounts that can be enrolled.

To enroll in the PMP program customers must download and complete the enrollment form, accept program terms and conditions, and return completed form to or to your dedicated CPA account representative.

Program requirements are simple:

1. Must be an active Clean Power Alliance customer
2. Participating accounts must be on a TOU-GS-1-E, TOU-GS-2-D, TOU-GS-3-D, TOU-8-D, TOU-PA-2-D, or TOU-PA-3-D rate
3. Participating accounts must not be on Net Energy Metering (NEM) rates

The annual enrollment cutoff date for PMP participation is August 1, after which you will be placed on a waiting list to be enrolled next year. Enroll early to take advantage of summer incentives!

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