Community Solar

CPA is working with communities and energy developers to build local, small-scale solar projects that will provide clean power at a 20% discount to under served-communities.

What is Community Solar?

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has allocated 3.13 megawatts (MW) of solar generation for Clean Power Alliance (CPA) customers under the Community Solar Green Tariff. This program is designed for electricity providers like CPA to partner with solar developers and local communities to bring clean power to under-resourced neighborhoods.

How does it work?

Solar developers partner with local nonprofits, schools, or public agencies to sponsor projects on behalf of nearby residents within a Disadvantaged Community (DAC) in CPA's service territory.


Clean Power Alliance has reached out to solar developers, potential community sponsors and site hosts over the past few months to determine if they are interested in participating in the community solar program.

Use the link below to let us know if your organization is interested in participating in Community Solar.

If you have already signed up and have received an email with the partner code, click below.

CPA cannot facilitate partnerships, but we are providing this resource so interested parties may begin working together to evaluate potential projects prior to the release of CPA’s next solicitation for community solar project proposals (Request for Offers, or RFO) in Fall 2021.



Why is Community Solar important?

Community Solar supports energy equity, helps to build sustainable communities and local pride by allowing eligible residents in disadvantaged communities to receive solar power generated by local projects at a 20% discount on their electricity bills.