Reach Code Program for Building and Transportation Electrification

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) has launched the Reach Code Program to support our member agencies in evaluating and adopting building electrification codes that will result in healthier indoor air quality, increases in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, and reductions in harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

CPA has hired TRC Companies Inc., a technical consultant, who in partnership with CPA will provide technical support, model codes, community outreach support, and other resources to member agency staff. Interested community members and CPA customers should check their local government’s website for updates on opportunities for community input.

To access the tools and resources available to member agencies:

Download the
Reach Codes Program Factsheet here.


What are reach codes?

A reach code is a local building energy code that “reaches” beyond or exceeds the state minimum requirements for energy use in building design and construction. They are adopted by city councils and county boards of supervisors with input from builders, contractors, and community members.  

Reach codes typically promote that a new building be constructed with additional EV charging locations, electric water heating, space heating, cooking, or other appliances and that existing buildings receive upgrades at specific points like time-of-sale or when an old appliance is replaced. 

Why establish reach codes?

Reach codes are a cost-effective way for city and county governments to align with state climate neutrality goals, increase EV adoption, improve air quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their communities. Furthermore, CPA customers receive additional GHG benefits from higher renewable content electricity as more fossil fuels are switched to electricity.  

Program benefits

This program leverages technical expertise from other California Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs), stakeholders like Southern California Edison (SCE), and contractors who work closely with each member agency. Model codes and presentation templates will ease the workload for member agencies to pursue reach codes. The program will also help participants perform public outreach and building contractor education to ensure support for the codes they seek to pass. 


Member agency financial support

CPA is providing financial support to cover your agency’s staff time while pursuing reach codes. These benefits will range from $2,500 – $25,000. 

For more information and details on how to apply, please visit