Believe It or Not…Summer is Coming. Here Are Ways to Stay Cool and Save Energy During Warmer Months 

Resiliency Grid Management

With Memorial Day serving as the unofficial start of summer, the temperatures will soon begin to rise. Households may be preparing to increase air conditioner use, which also increases their monthly energy bill.  

At CPA, we are committed to providing local communities with renewable, reliable, competitively priced energy, while helping our customers save energy and money.  

To use less power over the summer season, try a few of these great energy saving tips. 

1) Open windows to keep your home cool 

To reduce the amount of electricity and air conditioning you use, try opening windows in the early morning and around dusk when the temperature is cooler. By letting in cooler air in morning and evening hours and closing windows during the day when it is hottest, the cool air can be locked into your home, reducing the amount of time you need to pop on the A/C.  

2) Unplug electronics that are not in use  

Keeping your devices, lamps, appliances, and other chargeable items plugged in when not in use allows them to continue using electricity from the grid. This summer, take a tour around your home and see which appliances are plugged in but not being used. Try to unplug all the ones you can to save money and reduce your electricity usage in the process. 

3) Use fans instead of A/C  

Fans work by creating a wind-chill effect on your skin, so you feel cooler. Turning up the temperature on the A/C and using a fan this summer can help you use less energy and save money while staying cool.  

4) Try buying ENERGY STAR labeled electronics for energy efficiency 

When old devices and appliances break down, replacing them with the most efficient models is a great way to help the environment. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR label meet strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and can help families save energy.  

5) Sign Up for CPA’s Energy Saving Programs  

CPA offers a wide range of programs created to help local Los Angeles and Ventura County customers save money and energy. These programs promote resiliency, help communities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s), create green jobs, and create a cleaner, greener Southern California. Conserving energy together also helps to make the electrical grid more reliable.

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