CPA approves power purchase agreement with Voyager Wind


October 4, 2018

Clean Power Alliance’s Board of Directors approved its first long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) for renewable resource development! Clean Power Alliance purchased 6 wind turbines on an existing Voyager Wind project site of 48 wind turbines in the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area near Mojave, CA. The Clean Power Alliance team had an opportunity to tour this site in September.

These wind turbines are expected to generate approximately 71,500 MWh of energy per year, bringing a new green resource to Clean Power Alliance’s diverse energy portfolio. The project is a unique opportunity because new wind resources in California are limited, and wind offers Clean Power Alliance important renewable portfolio diversification – particularly significant because wind generation in the project area often takes place at night when solar resources are not producing. The project will help Clean Power Alliance meet its SB 350 long-term contracting compliance requirements, and the price will lower renewable energy costs as early as 2019, ahead of the next customer enrollment phases.

Clean Power Alliance is excited to move forward with this project because it not only exemplifies our leadership in environmental and species protection, but also is also expected to create an estimated 205 construction jobs and 16 new permanent jobs. Lastly, Clean Power Alliance is excited to announce that the developer of this wind project will be contributing $150,000 to fund a community college STEM education scholarship program administered in partnership with Clean Power Alliance.