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Make This Holiday Season Beautifully Bright and Energy Efficient

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As temperatures cool down this holiday season, and households across Los Angeles and Ventura counties are installing a host of festive lights and decorations, it’s important to be aware of increased energy use as well as end of holiday energy bills.  

At CPA, we are committed to providing local communities with renewable, reliable, competitively priced energy, while helping our customers save money.  

To use less power over the holiday season, try a few of these easy energy saving tips. 

  1. Use LED lights to brighten the holidays  

The holidays are often celebrated with festive designs, bright lights, and illuminated decorations. Embrace the spirit of the season with LED lights, which are an efficient alternative that will not only illuminate your holidays but will consume significantly less energy.  

  1. Use the sun’s energy for decorations 

While LED lights are more efficient than traditional lights, opting for solar powered decorations can save even more energy. These will harness the sun’s power during the day and display your amazing lights throughout the night.  

  1. Install draft stoppers on doors and windows 

As the wind gets a little colder, a draft stopper can be a huge help in preventing heat loss. These simple, inexpensive tools can stop cold drafts from sneaking in and warm air from seeping out, ensuring your home stays cozy without turning up the heat. 

  1. Choose energy efficient appliances  

When it comes to holiday baking and cooking, rely on energy efficient kitchen appliances. Upgrade to ENERGY STAR – rated ovens, stoves, and microwaves when possible. These appliances use significantly less energy than their counterparts, making your cooking more ecofriendly and cost effective.  

  1. Schedule a holiday HVAC Tune up 

Ensure your home stays warm by scheduling a professional tune up for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Regular maintenance guarantees HVAC systems operate efficiently, maximizing energy savings.  

To learn more about CPA’s many energy saving programs and ways to save on your bill, visit