Local Communities Choose Renewable Energy, More Sustainable 

Community Commitment

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) is excited to share that additional communities are making the  decision to choose more renewable energy to serve their residents and businesses – championing the effort to make Southern California cleaner and more sustainable for all. 

This month, the City of Alhambra transitioned to 100% Green Power as its preferred energy option – which will help reduce 129 million pounds of harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) each year. The City of Paramount has also selected higher levels of renewables and has transitioned to Clean Power, reducing 12.5 million pounds of GHGs each year.  

Unincorporated Los Angeles County continued its three-year transition to 100% Green Power, as businesses went on the fully renewable option this month, joining residents in reducing more than 676 million pounds of GHGs annually. LA County’s multiyear transition to 100% Green Power, began with residents in 2022, continued with businesses this year and will conclude in coming years when customers on special assistance rates will also transition. Since 2018, CPA customers have collectively reduced more than 7 billion pounds of GHGs. 

Selecting increased amounts of renewable energy signals a strong commitment to taking concrete action to meet statewide clean air goals, contribute to climate action, and ensure a safer and healthier environment. CPA offers three energy options designed to fit the diverse needs of our customers, 100% Green (100% renewable energy), Clean Power (50% renewable energy), and Lean Power (40% clean energy), the most affordable rate option. 

In March 2024, the cities of Hermosa Beach, Monrovia, and Santa Paula will each begin service with CPA for the first time. Each community has selected 100% Green as its energy option, reflecting the trend in demand for higher levels of renewable energy. Over two-thirds of CPA’s partner communities have now selected this option. 

Learn more about how all communities served by CPA are increasing environmental benefits by selecting clean energy options.  

Click on the map and explore at CleanPowerAlliance.org/communities.