CPA offers numerous programs for assistance in saving money on electric bills

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CARE, FERA, Medical Baseline rate freeze,
a COVID-19 relief effort, ending October 1, 2022

In May 2020, the Clean Power Alliance Board of Directors voted to temporarily freeze rates for customers on the CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline financial assistance programs. The freeze was implemented as part of CPA’s COVID-19 relief effort to protect vulnerable customers during a quickly evolving economic crisis with unprecedented impacts to employment and financial wellbeing.

California is making strides in pandemic recovery, and the temporary rate freeze for CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline customers will end October 1, 2022. Standard CARE, FERA and Baseline Medical rates with their typical discounts will resume at that time.

Since 2020, CPA has invested more than $27 million in subsidies
to support our most vulnerable customers through:

Rate freeze – $10.1 million in benefits to CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline rate customers who did not have an increase in electricity generation rates since the freeze was implemented.

Bill credits – $2 million spent to support customers experiencing challenges paying their electric bill.

The California Arrearage Payment Program (CAPP) – $15.8 million in bill credits to assist eligible customers who have fallen behind on their electric bill.

Additionally, CPA has provided equitable access to renewable energy to customers on CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline assistance programs. These customers located in communities with 100% Green Power as the default energy option will continue to receive 100% Green Power at the lower Clean Power rate.

Money saving options are available to customers

CPA customers still have access to many tools and programs for assistance with paying bills and saving money, including:

Power Share

The Power Share program provides income-qualified customers in under-resourced communities with 100% renewable energy and a 20 percent discount. When combined with CARE or FERA discounts, you can save up to 45% off your monthly electric bill.

Arrearage Management Plan (AMP) program

There are also avenues to apply for bill forgiveness if a customer cannot pay past bills. For each month that the current bill is paid on time, AMP will forgive 1//12 of the total past due amount.

Power Response Smart Home program

Earn money while helping to improve air quality and electric reliability by reducing energy use during peak times.

Select the Lean Power Option

CPA offers three energy option plans with varying levels of clean energy; the Lean Power Option is the most affordable.

Time of Use Rates

Take advantage of lower electricity prices in the morning, midday, and late at night. Shift your energy usage to when rates are lower and save more on your bill.

Payment Plan

If customers need more time paying their bill, there are options to make payment arrangements.

Budget Assistant

Budget Assistant uses your account’s projected next bill and compares it to your selected spending goal and sends you an alert based upon your settings to help you stay on budget and in control of your energy usage and expenses.

Need more help? CPA Customer Support is ready to assist

If you need assistance, CPA’s Customer Support Team is available to help you understand your options and enroll you in money saving programs if you decide they are right for you.

Contact Customer Support at 323-214-1296 or