Clean Power Alliance Welcomes Customers in Hermosa Beach, Santa Paula and Monrovia and Grows to Serve 35 Communities  

CPA Happenings

Residents and businesses in Hermosa Beach, Monrovia and Santa Paula started electricity service with Clean Power Alliance this month, with each of the cities choosing 100% Green Power as their preferred energy option. With the addition of these cities, CPA now serves 35 communities with clean energy options throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. 

Collectively, customers in these three cities will help avoid 205 million pounds of harmful greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) each year, which is equivalent to taking more than 20,800 gasoline-powered cars off the road annually or growing 1.5 million trees for a decade. Choosing clean energy signals a strong commitment to meet statewide clean air goals, contribute to climate action, and ensure a healthier and more sustainable environment.  

CPA was recently ranked by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) as the number one green power provider in the nation, serving the largest number of green power customers. Hermosa Beach, Monrovia, and Santa Paula are anticipated to add approximately 38,000 customers and 436,000 MWh of new load annually to CPA.  

Last fall, the cities of Alhambra and Paramount as well as businesses in unincorporated Los Angeles County transitioned to cleaner energy options, collectively preventing 820 million pounds of harmful greenhouse gas emissions from being emitted each year.

Since 2018, CPA customers across all communities have avoided 10.3 billion pounds of GHGs. 

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