CPA Board of Directors Approves Adding the Cities of Hermosa Beach, Monrovia, and Santa Paula as New Member Communities

CPA Programs

The Clean Power Alliance (CPA) Board of Directors voted to add the cities of Hermosa Beach, Monrovia, and Santa Paula to its Joint Powers Agreement. The action paves the way for residential and
commercial electricity customers within the three cities to begin receiving clean renewable energy from CPA in 2024. Each of the cities voted earlier this year to join CPA to provide service to residents and businesses.

CPA leads the nation in serving the most customers with 100% renewable energy. The not-for-profit Los Angeles-based clean energy provider currently serves the counties of Los Angeles and Ventura, as well as 30 cities within both counties. The addition of these three cities will bring the total number of CPA member communities to 35 and highlights the momentum among Southern California communities making leadership decisions to address the impacts of climate change with sustainable solutions.

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