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Chumash Indian Museum

As an organization dedicated to educating about Native American culture, we believe it is important to follow environmentally responsible practices.

City of Malibu

The City chose the program as an alternative to traditional investor-owned utility power procurement and to provide residents with lower electrical utility rates while using power from renewable energy sources. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gasses emitted by creating electricity and protecting the environment. Malibu chose 100% Green Power to help lead the way for a sustainable future.

Natural Resources Defense Council

As an environmental nonprofit that advocates for the health of our planet and people it is crucial that the energy we use for our offices aligns with our external work. We couple 100% Green Power with energy reduction strategies to bring us closer to our institutional goal of eliminating our greenhouse gas emissions.

City of Santa Monica

Santa Monica has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 or sooner. By sourcing renewable energy from Clean Power Alliance, Santa Monica can take one large step to achieving that goal and reduce the City’s emissions by as much as 20%. Choosing 100% renewable energy is the most significant action businesses and individuals can take with the least amount of effort.

Malibu City

“Malibu is proud to be a leader in environmental protection policies, and we continued that tradition when we approved 100% clean energy for City facilities. All cities, counties and states should come together to be part of the global effort to combat climate change.” - Mayor Jefferson "Zuma Jay" Wagner

City of West Hollywood

Taking responsibility for the environment is one of West Hollywood's core values and we have been establishing a legacy of sound and effective environmental policymaking ever since our founding. Being a 100% Green Power city furthers our commitment to forward-thinking climate action.

City of Culver City

Culver City is leading by example by lowering its greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring a cleaner future and inspiring other cities to follow suit. Culver City now proudly boasts that it is leading the charge to fight climate change, reduce pollution, protect the public’s health and preserve our planet for future generations.