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Sylvan Santa Monica

We feel that 100% Green Power is the right choice for our learning center at Santa Monica.

Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District

With over 1,500,000 square feet of building area using electricity, our District's collective footprint is significant. Sourcing 100% Green Power for our facilities aligns with our Districtwide Sustainability Plan goals and is one of the most important ways that we can minimize our environmental impact.

Santa Monica Motel

Santa Monica Motel is a green certified business and we are in support of clean energy. We care about our staff, guests and our community, so reducing pollution with clean energy just makes sense.

Crudo e Nudo

Our business model is based on using ingredients from farmers markets and local fisheries, while aiming for minimal waste and, soon, zero plastics. We believe that it’s our responsibility to create the future we want to see: one where small businesses work together to build a sustainable economy that feeds our community in many ways. 100% Green Power is a natural fit for our endeavors.

Natural Resources Defense Council

As an environmental nonprofit that advocates for the health of our planet and people it is crucial that the energy we use for our offices aligns with our external work. We couple 100% Green Power with energy reduction strategies to bring us closer to our institutional goal of eliminating our greenhouse gas emissions.

Three Squares Inc.

We are committed to be powered by 100% clean energy and all of our work is focused on climate action.

City of Santa Monica

Santa Monica has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 or sooner. By sourcing renewable energy from Clean Power Alliance, Santa Monica can take one large step to achieving that goal and reduce the City’s emissions by as much as 20%. Choosing 100% renewable energy is the most significant action businesses and individuals can take with the least amount of effort.


Lyft was founded on the belief that technology will enable us to dramatically reduce carbon emissions from transportation. And we want to lead the transition to zero emissions. That’s why we committed to reach 100% electric vehicles on the Lyft platform by 2030. 100% Green Power helps us meet our commitment to the planet and the communities we serve.

Paws and Effect Pet Spa

It is our mission to have as little impact on the earth as possible, while still providing excellent services and products that do not harm the environment or animals in our care. For us, using 100% Green Power is the right thing to do.