Commercial Rates

For the first time, you now have a choice when it comes to your energy provider. Clean Power Alliance offers three new options for your electricity, all at competitive rates.

The commercial rate comparison table below illustrates estimated electricity costs for a typical small commercial customer within Southern California Edison (SCE) and Clean Power Alliance’s service territory. If you’d rather see a cost comparison for your specific bill, check back soon to use our “Calculate & Compare” bill comparison tool, currently under development.

Rate Comparison
* This comparison illustrates the estimated electricity costs for an average monthly consumption of 1,002 kilowatt hours (kWh). It is based on Clean Power Alliance rates approved by the Board of Directors on April 5, 2018 and effective as of June 25, 2018. SCE rate options are based on rates published January 1, 2018. Both Clean Power Alliance and SCE’s rates are subject to change.
Generation Rate reflects the cost of producing or purchasing electricity to power your business. This rate will vary depending on your service provider and rate plan.
SCE Delivery Rate is a charge assessed by SCE to deliver electricity to your business. This rate depends on usage.
Surcharges represent the Cost Responsibility Surcharge (CRS) and Franchise Fee (FF) that are applicable to Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) customers. The CRS recovers costs of power purchase commitments that become stranded as a result of a CCA initiating service. The FF recovers taxes owed to a city in exchange for allowing SCE to utilize electrical distribution lines throughout the property of the city. SCE acts as the collection agency for the FF surcharge which is levied by cities and counties for all customers.

The following graph shows how Clean Power Alliance’s Lean Power and Clean Power costs compare to SCE’s base rate during different times of use.

For all additional rate schedules, please learn more about our rates using the buttons below. To learn more about how to read your bill, visit our Understanding Your Bill page.

Clean Power Alliance’s 2019 non-residential rates are established to meet standard bill comparison targets approved by our Board of Directors (1-2% cost savings for Lean Power, 0-1% savings for Clean Power, and 7-9% cost premium for 100% Green Power). These overall bill savings or premium—depending on which rate option the customer chooses—are in comparison to SCE's current base rates. SCE has proposed an increase of at least 12% to its base generation rates for 2019 in order to make up for power market losses it experienced in 2018. If approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, SCE will likely implement these rate increases by April 2019. At that time, Clean Power Alliance will adjust its rates accordingly to continue to deliver the Board-approved bill comparison targets to our customers, offering cleaner power at competitive rates. Any future changes to Clean Power Alliance rates will be adopted at public meetings of our Board of Directors. The 2018 rates shown here are applicable to non-residential customers in Unincorporated Los Angeles County, Rolling Hills Estates, and South Pasadena only. Rates for non-residential customers in all other Clean Power Alliance member jurisdictions will be adopted in early 2019. These rates reflect charges for electric generation/supply only. Please visit for delivery rates and schedules.

Calculate & Compare

A bill comparison tool is coming soon.

This calculator will help you understand what your bill could look like with different Clean Power Alliance and SCE rate options.


Understanding your utility bill can be confusing, but Clean Power Alliance strives to keep it simple. Learn more about reading your bill here, or click the button below for our contact information. We’re happy to help answer your questions!