Make ‘Earth Month’ Both a Celebration and a Chance to Save Energy

Earth Month coincides with the arrival of spring and the time that households across the region typically increase energy use due to warmer outdoor temperatures and a host of activities and get-togethers with family and friends.

Clean Power Alliance is committed to providing local communities with renewable, reliable, competitively priced energy, while developing new avenues that help our customers conserve and save.

To use less power, bring environmental benefits to your community, and save money during Earth Month and beyond, try a few of these easy energy saving tips 

Tip #1 – Make sure your home is well insulated – Insulation plays a critical role in how much you spend on energy. Carefully inspect and evaluate your insulation. In winter, a well-insulated house will retain heat better; in summer, it can reduce how often air conditioning needs to run. 

Tip #2 – Look for the energy “vampires.” – Your electronic devices could use energy even if you’re not using them. Disconnect high energy devices not in use to ensure they do not continue to drain power even while off. You can also purchase a home energy monitor to determine whether an electronic device uses energy even when off but connected.  

Tip #3 – Reheat meals in the microwave – Reheating food in the microwave uses less energy than conventional ovens. Similarly, use smaller appliances whenever possible to reduce energy usage and costs as they are often more energy efficient. 

Tip #4 – Use cool natural air – When baking or cooking an amazing meal, open the windows to let hot air out of the kitchen instead of using fans or the air conditioner to cool the room. 

Tip #5 – Replace your incandescent lightbulbs – According to the Department of Energy, LED lights use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer. When replacing the bulbs throughout your house, prioritize the lights in rooms that you spend the most time in. 

Tip #6 – Save energy by going paperless – If your mailbox is constantly filled with bills and bank and credit card statements that go directly into the shredder, take a few minutes to request digital copies instead. That shift will both help save the trees and save energy. 

In addition to energy saving tips, CPA also has programs for residential and commercial customers that not only support the collective effort to lessen energy use during critical periods but can save customers money on their bills as well. 

CPA’s Power Response Program is a demand response program that provides financial incentives to encourage consumers to reduce energy when periods of high use are expected to put strain on the grid. The program features pathways for residents, businesses and public sector entities to participate.  

Additionally, our Peak Management Pricing (PMP) program encourages commercial and municipal customers to voluntarily take action to power down appliances, electronics, air conditioning, or other equipment during peak heat days and get summer bill credits in return, allowing businesses to earn bill credits while helping reduce the emissions caused by peak strain on the grid. 

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) was founded in 2017 to provide clean, reliable, cost competitive electricity to Southern California communities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stimulate local renewable energy development and job creation, and offer programs that improve the lives of the residents in the communities we serve. CPA is now the fourth largest electricity provider in California and has the most customers receiving 100% renewable energy in the nation, while serving approximately three million people via one million customer accounts. To learn more, view CPA’s 2022 Impact Report here. For complete information regarding CPA visit