2022 Impact Report

2022 Impact Report

Clean Power Alliance is excited to release our 2022 Impact Report. This report highlights extensive renewable energy initiatives as well as our focus on programs for our customers and communities that support our long-term clean energy goals.

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Looking Ahead

We are excited to welcome three new cities that will begin service in 2024CPA is now the fourth largest electricity provider in California. 

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Energy Portfolio

CPA has contracted for 1,700 Megawatts (MW) of new renewable energy, including 40MW in local projects across eight communities.

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Energy Storage

Historic investments in battery storage facilities allow clean energy to be distributed when the sun goes down or wind isn’t blowing, adding to community resilience.

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Sourcing Clean Energy

Our clean energy is generated from renewable resources such as solar, wind, and geothermal - most of it located in Southern California. 

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Workforce Development

Investments in workforce development and skills training prepare the next generation of renewable energy workers for the green economy.

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Local Programs

Energy and cost saving programs support diverse customer needs, provide access to clean energy, and offer communities avenues to participate in building a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

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Commitment to Equity

CPA reaffirmed our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and sustainability through our purchasing decisions, community relationships, and industry leadership. 

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Environmental Leadership

Partner communities are making the leadership decision to select 100% Green Power as their preferred energy option. Now, 21 communities are 100% Green with more to come!

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