Clean Energy Supply for a Brighter, Greener Future

Since 2018, we have reduced GHG emissions to the equivalent of removing over 200,000 gasoline-powered cars from the road. Today, our customers have access to the most 100% clean energy than any other utility company in the US. By 2024, nearly 70% of our customer accounts will join our 100% Green Power rate plan.

CPA’s Impact Report 2021

CPA became the largest 100% clean energy provider for residents in Low Angeles and Ventura Counties
We invest in our community to empower a new generation of green leaders and drive the clean energy future.
We signed contracts for over 510 MW of new renewable energy projects

That’s the same as 7.5 million trees planted and grown for 10 years!

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CPA became one of the top 3 clean energy storage purchasers in California

We contracted 313 MW of new local battery storage that is charged daily with low-cost clean solar power. This helps us reduce the use of harmful fossil fuels, increase reliability and save money.

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Sourcing Clean Energy in Southern California

Our clean energy is generated from renewable resources such as solar, wind, and geothermal, most of it in located in Southern California.

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Investing in Community Local Initiatives

We empower our local clean energy leaders through our programs & scholarships.

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2,200 customers enrolled for Our Power Share program

We provide discounted clean solar energy for CARE/FERA eligible customers in instate-designated disadvantaged communities.

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CPA continued to have high participations rates

In 2021, over 95% of our eligible customers chose to remain with CPA showing high customer belief in CPA's value proposition.

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