Sustainability Leadership

In 2019, 10 member communities launched Clean Power Alliance service to their residents and businesses with 100% Green Power as the default rate option for customers. In 2021, that number grew from 12 to 15. And In October, 2022, Clean Power Alliance will have 18 member agencies receiving completely renewable power when CPA customers in Unincorporated Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills and Redondo Beach default to 100% Green Power.

The Environmental Protection Agency has identified emissions from electricity production as the second highest cause of harmful GHG emissions. When Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills and Redondo Beach move to 100% Green Power, it will result in Over 1.9 billion pounds of GHGs will be removed from the air, which is the equivalent of removing 192,941 cars from the freeways or having14.6 million trees capture emissions for 10 years.

With nearly 30% of Clean Power Alliance’s 1 million customers receiving 100% Green Power, we have more customers receiving 100% zero-emissions, renewable power than any other utility in the country.

At CPA, you have the Power of Choice. Customers can always choose between any of Clean Power Alliance’s three rate options and calculate the impact on your monthly bill – just visit our Residential Customers or Commercial Customers webpage.

Community Default Rate Options

Each Clean Power Alliance member community selects Lean Power, Clean Power, or 100% Green Power as the default rate product for their customers. Click below to see the default rate product for your City or unincorporated County area.

Setting a default rate product of 100% Green Power is an efficient and cost-effective solution for quickly achieving significant greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions. 100% Green Power from Clean Power Alliance is 100% certified renewable, carbon-free energy, effectively zeroing out GHG emissions from this source. Customers on 100% Green Power have taken an important step toward reducing their individual and business’s carbon footprints and contributing to local climate action planning and statewide clean air goals.

100% Renewable Energy​

Agoura Hills
Beverly Hills *
Camarillo *
Claremont *
Culver City
Hawthorne *

Manhattan Beach
Redondo Beach *
Rolling Hills Estates *
Santa Monica

Sierra Madre
South Pasadena *
Thousand Oaks
Unincorporated Los Angeles County *
Unincorporated Ventura County
West Hollywood

40% Renewable Energy​
Simi Valley​
Temple City​
Westlake Village​

50% Renewable Energy
Hawaiian Gardens​

*Effective October 2022

Green Leader Program

For commercial, industrial, and municipal customers on 100% Green Power, Clean Power Alliance wants to recognize you for your environmental stewardship! Our Green Leader Program offers promotional opportunities, enhanced marketing, and participation in a broader network of sustainability champions across Southern California. It’s easy to apply to be a Green Leader, click below to join today.