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*Power Share savings for the average customer is approximately $172 per year. Pricing is for a typical customer and subject to Clean Power Alliance Terms and Conditions of Service. Power Share Terms and Conditions or Rates may be adjusted at a duly noticed meeting of the Clean Power Alliance Board of Directors. Board agendas are available at: cleanpoweralliance.org/agendas.


**CARE and FERA are statewide programs administered by Southern California Edison (SCE) for all income-qualified Clean Power Alliance customers. Clean Power Alliance customers must qualify for CARE or FERA in order to participate in the Power Share program. Applying for the Power Share program does not automatically enroll you in CARE or FERA. To find out if you qualify and to enroll in CARE or FERA contact SCE at (800) 655-4555 or apply online at: sce.com/care.

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