Pathways to Electrification

Partner communities choose one pathway and provide the needed information about their fleet and/or facilities that are a high priority for electrification.

CPA works with the community partner to identify good candidate facilities for electrification measures and provides technical expertise and financial incentives up to $250,000 for implementation.

Building Electrification Assistance Features:
  • Technical feasibility and infrastructure plans for building electrification.
  • Electrical load and energy infrastructure analyses to determine if upgrades are needed.
  • Funds can be used to implement plans provided to partner communities.
CPA will work with partner communities to identify suitable sites within agency-owned properties for community EV charging options.

Community Electric Vehicle Charging Features:
  • Consider turnkey services to provide EV charging options at agency-owned properties.
  • Review managed charging solutions to enhance grid reliability.
  • Introduce innovative charging approaches and fast-charging technologies.

CPA will manage planning, funding, implementation, and project management to get vehicles on the road and retrofit facilities.

Electric Fleet Transition features:

  • A schedule for fleet replacement and zero-emission vehicle options for hard-to-electrify vehicles.
  • Plans for the installation of EV charging stations, including considerations for community access to the selected sites.
  • Options for electric vehicle charging and networked service management to maximize savings and grid-reliability.
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Pathways to Electrification Process

Select a pathway and commit to receiving technical assistance and services. CPA will work with partner communities to understand priorities and establish the project’s scope. CPA expects projects to be completed within a three-year timeframe.
Select a pathway and sign the agreement
Confirm priorities and project scope

Commence work to meet the specified deadline

The Pathways to Electrification Program Factsheet here.


The Pathways to Electrification Program Factsheet here.


What is the Energized Communities program?

Energized Communities offers sustainability and decarbonization planning and project implementation assistance to CPA’s partner communities at no additional cost. This program is designed to empower CPA communities and lead the way towards a more sustainable future. The program comprises two parts, the Pathways to Electrification offering pre-selected measures to support electrification, and the Innovation Grant. Funding for technical support and incentives will be available over three years to advance resiliency and grid management, electrification, and/or local procurement in our partner communities.

Why is CPA offering the Energized Communities program?

As a not-for-profit, we reinvest back into the communities we serve through customer programs. CPA is offering this program to help our partner communities electrify, meet climate and decarbonization goals, and better manage energy resources. Energized Communities is an opportunity to streamline the implementation of decarbonization projects for our partner communities that may not otherwise have the staffing or budget resources in place to move forward on these important measures.

How much funding is available? 

The program plans to issue $10 million over three years through the projects outlined in the Pathways to Electrification and Innovation Grant. Each partner community can select one project area from the Pathways to Electrification, which will be funded up to $250,000 for technical services and project implementation. Partner Communities can also apply for up to two Innovation Grants over the three-year program period. Innovation Grant projects are competitive and may be awarded up to $250,000. CPA can expect to award eight Innovation Grants at the $250,000 grant amount.

What does the Pathways to Electrification program include?

Pathways to Electrification is made up of three project areas that CPA will administer: (a) Building Electrification Assistance, (b) Community EV Charging, and (c) Electric Fleet Transition. Each partner community can select one area and will receive technical assistance and implementation funding for all the services in that area (if needed). Each project is funded for services and incentives up to $250,000. As part of the Pathways to Electrification, CPA will provide technical assistance and will issue the remaining funding to partner communities once projects are implemented.

How does a community participate in the Energized Communities Program?

To participate, each partner community will select a project area from the Pathways to Electrification, or submit a project application for the Innovation Grant, and sign a participation agreement. CPA will work with each partner community to align program priorities with the proposed scope of work. Partner communities may need to work with their city council or board of supervisors to seek approval to apply for this program, and to receive funds from CPA.

Is there a deadline to submit applications?
Each partner community can choose one project from the Pathways to Electrification during the three-year course of the program, and there is no deadline to apply once the Energized Communities program launches in Spring 2024. Funding will be reserved for each partner community to account for different implementation timetables in each agency.