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Power Grid Summer Reliability Strengthened with New Luna Battery Storage Facility 

The 100 MW/400 MWh Luna Battery Storage Project is now operational and providing energy to Clean Power Alliance customers while strengthening grid reliability.

This new standalone energy storage facility located in the city of Lancaster, 50 miles north of Los Angeles, serves as an essential component of CPA’s renewable energy strategy and as a key offering to Los Angeles County and Ventura County customers by enabling the power grid to match natural changes in the supply and demand of electricity. AES Corporation, one of the world’s largest electricity generating and distribution companies, is the developer and operator of the Luna project.

Luna allows us to reduce the potential grid instability during sustained high-temperature weather events, as California has experienced in recent years.

As energy prices are at their highest point in the evening when usage rates are high and solar generation falls when the sun goes down, fossil fuel generation is often used to meet peak demand, increasing customers costs, while simultaneously increasing greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollutants. Luna allows CPA to provide stored energy to local communities during precisely these moments.

“CPA is proud to partner with AES on the Luna storage project to bring a critical resource online in time to meet California’s grid reliability needs this summer,” said Natasha Keefer, Vice President of Power Supply at Clean Power Alliance. “The Luna project demonstrates CPA’s leadership in storage investment and our commitment to meeting our customers’ clean energy needs. This resource will capture renewable energy during the day when solar is plentiful and send clean energy back to the grid during times of peak demand. Luna is one of many innovative resources in which CPA is investing to help Southern California transition to a clean energy future.”

Luna’s 100MW of lithium-ion batters provide enough energy to power roughly 75,000 Southern California homes for four hours and is now CPA’s third standalone storage project, in addition to the Johanna ESS Energy Storage Facility in Santa Ana and the Edwards Sanborn Storage II Facility in Kern County.