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Make Your Holidays Both Bright and Energy Efficient

With the holiday season quickly approaching, households across the region can typically expect an increase in energy use due to cooler outdoor temperatures and a host of dinners and get-togethers with families and friends at home.

As the holiday lights and oven temperatures go up, so too does home energy usage.

At CPA, we are committed to providing local communities with renewable, reliable, competitively priced energy, while helping our customers save.

To use less power over the holiday season, try a few of these easy energy saving tips.

Tip #1: Limit number of times the oven and refrigerator doors are opened

To save energy, avoid repeatedly opening and closing oven and refrigerator doors. When the door is opened, the temperature from the outside gets in, delaying the heating or cooling process and requiring the appliance to expend more energy.

Tip #2: Cool down warm items before placing them in the refrigerator

Allowing heated foods and beverages a bit of time to cool before refrigeration helps reduce energy use. When hot food and beverages are placed in the fridge, they continue to release heat that causes the refrigerator to work harder to maintain a lower temperature.  

Tip #3: When welcoming a large number of guests, reduce the thermostat’s heat setting

When hosting guests, one of the best ways to maintain a comfortable room on a cool winter night is to reduce the thermostat temperature as more guests begin to arrive. With the increase in body heat, a higher setting won’t be needed to maintain the warmth in the room, keeping guests comfortable and helping to save money.

Tip #4 Save energy by fully loading the dishwasher

Save energy by fully loading the dishwasher after a big meal. Doing one large load of dishes saves energy and water versus doing multiple loads over the course of the night. To save additional energy, purchase an Energy Star model, which will conserve, on average, 3,870 gallons of water over its lifetime.

Tip #5 Use solar powered holiday lights for outdoor decorating

Solar lights are a great way to save on electricity while decorating your home for the holidays. Solar lights charge during the day and then turn on automatically at night, bringing both the holiday spirit and a bit of holiday savings.

Tip #6 Turn down the thermostat overnight

At the conclusion of the evening, turn down the temperature of the thermostat until the morning. Reducing the temperature of your home overnight can save 1% on your heating bill for every degree lowered. Switching to an automated thermostat can also help save time while reducing energy use.

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