Understanding Your Bill

Utility bills can be confusing, but Clean Power Alliance strives to keep it simple. Southern California Edison (SCE) will still send your monthly bill, which will show your SCE charges for delivery followed by your Clean Power Alliance charges for electricity supply/generation (at the bottom of the bill).

Clean Power Alliance is NOT an added fee; it will simply replace SCE’s supply/generation charges.

  • 1

    Customer Account

    Your SCE-assigned customer account number identifies your account. Please have your customer account number on hand if you would like to make change to your Clean Power Alliance service.

  • 2

    Service Account

    Your SCE and Clean Power Alliance service account numbers will both be listed in this section. SCE assigns an additional service account number to track Clean Power Alliance charges.

  • 3

    Energy Usage
    The amount of energy you used in the billing period, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh).

  • 4

    SCE Rate Schedule
    Your SCE rate determines how you are charged for the delivery of electricity. Your Clean Power Alliance electricity supply rate may not always match this one because Clean Power Alliance offers simplified, consolidated rate options.

  • 5

    SCE Electric Delivery Charges
    SCE’s charges for the delivery of electricity. They include the cost of moving energy from the grid to your home or business and maintaining the electric lines.

  • 6

    CCA Cost Responsibility Surcharge
    SCE’s charge to recover costs of power purchased on your behalf before joining Clean Power Alliance. You may have heard of the PCIA, or Power Charge Indifference Adjustment, referred to as an “exit fee” for CCA customers. The PCIA and other surcharges are always included in our cost comparisons.

  • 7

    Usage Tier
    For residential customers, this section indicates the highest tier you are being charged. If your electric use is more than your Tier 1 Allowance, which is set by state law, and crosses into Tier 2, the price you pay per kWh will increase. Customers who use more than 4 times their Tier 1 Baseline Allowance will be charged a High Usage Surcharge.

  • 8

    Clean Power Alliance Rate Schedule
    Your Clean Power Alliance rate determines how you are charged for electricity supply/generation. Your Clean Power Alliance electricity rate may not always match your SCE one because Clean Power Alliance offers simplified, consolidated rate options.

  • 9

    Clean Power Alliance Generation Charges Clean Power Alliance's charge for the generation of electricity. This section notes the Clean Power Alliance rate option currently selected for your account (i.e. Lean Power, Clean Power, or 100% Green Power). These charges replace fees that SCE would collect if they were providing your generation service. This is NOT an additional charge.

  • 10

    Energy Surcharge
    This charge applies regardless of your electricity provider. It is collected from all electricity customers statewide on behalf of the California Energy Commission.

Paperless Billing

For residential customers, if you currently have paperless billing with SCE, that won't change. For commercial customers, the following Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) vendors are approved for Clean Power Alliance. SCE is working to test and approve additional EDI vendors for Clean Power Alliance, so if your EDI vendor isn’t listed, please check back soon!

Cass Information Systems
Engie Insight
Irvine Company
Sterling Commerce