Celebrating Community Partnerships with Power Share

Mon and small son sitting on the couch with TV remote in hands and lamp next to them

With Earth Day soon approaching on April 22nd, Clean Power Alliance (CPA) celebrates its customers’ commitment to making the environment cleaner and greener by participating in CPA’s Power Share program. The program provides income-qualified customers living in underserved communities with 100% renewable energy and a 20% discount on their total monthly electric bill. Power Share is CPA’s equity-focused program that provides customers access to clean power, who may otherwise not have access to solar, wind, and other renewable technologies.

By opting into Power Share, participants save on average $172 per year on their energy bills while helping to reduce emissions in their community’s local environment. Together with its Power Share customers, CPA would save over $1.1 million for customers in utility bill costs and offset an estimated 16.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions in 2022 upon reaching full enrollment of eligible customers in the Power Share program. To put that into perspective, that is the equivalent of avoiding using 839,786 gallons of gasoline.

Mon and small son sitting on the couch with TV remote in hands and lamp next to them

CPA will supply 32 million kWh of energy in 2022 through Power Share, and each CPA customer that switches to clean energy by enrolling in this program makes a meaningful impact on avoiding emissions and ensuring more sustainable communities. Power Share participants can help save the equivalent of 8,918 acres of US forests in just one year of participating and that number can continue to grow as eligible CPA customers join the pledge to help the environment through Power Share.

These emissions reductions show that each customer can makes a difference—a difference that can transform communities, environmental health, and residents’ quality of life with each person that comes on board. To learn more about Power Share visit: cleanpoweralliance.org/power-share.