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Arlington Energy Center Improves Grid Reliability and Now Providing Power to CPA Customers

Clean Power Alliance is pleased to announce that the Arlington Energy Center II Storage Project achieved commercial operation and will begin providing over 120 MW/480 MWh of capacity to our local Los Angeles and Ventura County communities while strengthening grid reliability.   

CPA provides more customers with 100% renewable energy than any other utility in the nation and we have steadily been focused on reducing the use of harmful fossil fuels by making historic investments in local battery storage facilities.

Battery storage systems are important to our customers because they allow CPA to balance renewable electricity generation, which is intermittent, with customer electricity demand, which fluctuates. Often co-located with CPA’s renewable energy facilities, CPA charges its batteries during the day with low-cost clean solar power and then discharges that energy to the grid at night, when renewable energy generation is lower, but customer usage is still high. 

Like the Luna Battery Storage Project, which became operational this summer in Lancaster, the Arlington Energy Center will allow CPA to reduce potential grid instability caused by sustained high-temperature weather events, as California experienced with the recent prolonged heat wave. 

Natasha Keefer, Clean Power Alliance’s Vice President of Power Supply, believes that these facilities will have considerable positive long-term impacts on the reliability of California’s power grid. “The Arlington storage project demonstrates the importance of new battery storage resources for California’s reliable transition to a clean energy future,” she said. “NextEra was able to bring the battery online ahead of the unprecedented September heat wave, so the battery was able to contribute to meeting peak load during these critical grid conditions.”  

Facilities like Arlington allow more energy to be provided to the grid during peak usage hours, avoiding the need for more drastic measures such as rolling power outages.  

The Arlington standalone energy storage resource is located near Blythe, California and is the fourth storage resource in CPA’s long-term portfolio, in addition to the Sanborn, Luna, and High Desert storage facilities.