Prepare for summer with opportunities to save energy

Last summer, an extended heat wave in California caused unprecedented high energy demand that threatened electricity outages across the state. During this period, several Flex Alerts were issued, and the corresponding actions taken by communities, residents, and businesses to reduce electricity use made the difference in keeping California powered.

Flex Alerts are voluntary calls for action from CAISO (California Independent System Operator) for consumers to conserve electricity when extremely hot weather drives up electricity use. This is most likely to happen in the evening hours when solar generation is going offline, and consumers are returning home and switching on air conditioners, lights, and appliances. 

CPA shares CAISO Flex Alert updates and conservation information through our TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn pages, as well as on our website,

In addition to sharing alerts and energy saving tips, CPA also has programs for residential and commercial customers that not only support the collective effort to lessen energy use during critical periods but can save customers money on their bills as well. 

CPA’s Power Response Program is a demand response program that provides financial incentives to encourage customers to reduce energy when periods of high use are expected to put strain on the grid. The program features pathways for residents, businesses and public sector entities to participate. Customers can find the program that’s right for them here

To save energy and protect the grid during periods of extraordinary heat, the following practices help:     

  • Turn off unnecessary electronics and lights  
  • Use fans instead of running the air conditioner   
  • If using the air conditioner set it to 78 degrees or higher  
  • Unplug electrical devices you’re not using  
  • Close blinds and drapes to keep rooms cooler  
  • Avoid using major appliances such as dishwashers, washers and dryers  
  • Wait to start charging electric vehicles until after 10 p.m.  
  • If your water heater is electric, delay running hot water or hot showers  

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