Clean Power Alliance Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary of Serving Customers

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Welcome to Our Clean Energy Future, CPA Chief Executive Officer Ted Bardacke’s bi-monthly feature where he shares insights into the energy sector and greening our Southern California communities.

This month CPA is marking its fifth anniversary of serving customers. While there is much to celebrate about this milestone – and to remember about the efforts of Los Angeles County, founding board directors, and CPA’s early staff – my focus is on the next five years and what CPA can do to advance the clean energy transition in a way that benefits our communities here in Southern California.

The good news is that we start from a very solid base of strong consumer demand, available investment capital, and willing partners. Customer acceptance and support for renewable energy choices is solid. A recent consumer survey by consulting and accounting firm EY reported that 68% of utility customers want a choice of energy products and that, if offered a choice, clean energy would factor into their decision about which provider and product to choose.

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