CPA Power Response Program

Direct Install Program
Clean Power Alliance’s application is now closed for Round 1 of funding for direct installation of battery storage for participation in the Power Response program. CPA is planning a second round of funding this fall. Please check back for more information!

Awards can be combined with SGIP, increasing total project incentives by up to 50%. Maximum Direct Install incentives range from $25,000-$35,000, depending on ITC eligibility status.

Eligibility requirements include:

1. Medium or large commercial or municipal Clean Power Alliance customer.
2. System is grid-connected and not intended exclusively for backup power, with rated power of at least 10kW and minimum energy storage capacity of 40 kWh.
3. Enrollment in Power Response program with a capacity commitment of at least 10kW and at least 50% of incentivized energy capacity available for program events.

Eligible applications will be evaluated based on several factors including project readiness, size and location. See Power Response Direct Install Program Handbook for additional details.

Clean Power Alliance will accept questions about this application emailed to Clean Power Alliance will respond by email to all applicants that submit questions and will post written responses to all questions on the program website at: This document will be updated periodically until Monday, June 8, 2020.