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Sustainable Energy Incubator

Clean Power Alliance is proud to introduce an exciting new program called the “Sustainable Energy Incubator” in partnership with the Local Government Commission (LGC). The Sustainable Energy Incubator aims to engage Clean Power Alliance board members, staff, local member agencies, and other stakeholders to address emerging energy issues through educational workshops and direct support.

Quarterly Workshops

We will be hosting a series of quarterly, in-person workshops where experts will cover a range of energy and climate topics to increase the awareness of energy issues, available tools, resources, and best practices for attendees to take back to their own communities. These workshops are free and open to the public.

Workshop Presentations and Recordings

All video recordings of the Incubator presentations can be found on Clean Power Alliance's Vimeo channel here. 

Click below to get the full agendas and presentations from each past workshop.
Sustainable Incubator Event Materials
September 2020 Local Government: Next Big Steps to Decarbonizing Presentation

Our seventh workshop focused on Local Government: Next Big Steps to Decarbonizing. The workshop agenda is available here.

June 2020 Decarbonizing California During COVID-19 Presentation

Our sixth workshop focused on decarbonizing California during COVID-19. The June 2020 Presentation is here  and the workshop agenda is available here.

February 2020 Resilience in a Clean Energy Future Presentation

Our fifth workshop focused on resilience in a clean energy future. The February 2020 Presentation is here  and the workshop agenda is available here.

October 2019 Public Health Presentation

Our fourth workshop focused on stakeholder engagement around future local programs. The October 2019 Public Health Presentation is here and the workshop agenda is available here.

June 2019 Local Programs Presentation

Our third workshop focused on stakeholder engagement around future local programs. The June 2019 workshop agenda is available here.

May 2019 Equity Presentation

Our second workshop focused on equity and making clean energy accessible to disadvantaged, low-income communities. This included discussions on case studies of programs that have successfully served these populations and ways to redefine how CCAs can better reach this customer base with data and programming.  The May 2019 Equity Presentation is here and the workshop agenda is available here.

February 2019 Electrification Presentation

Our first workshop focused on building electrification and decarbonization. This included discussions on the roadmap for decarbonization and the practical considerations of what local governments can do for on-the-ground work towards building decarbonization. The February 2019 Electrification Presentation is here and the workshop agenda is available here.

Member Technical Assistance

Clean Power Alliance, in partnership with the Local Government Commission (LGC), has been offering technical assistance through our Sustainable Energy Incubator program. The Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Support is intended for Clean Power Alliance member agencies who are interested in pursuing clean power programs or projects, including but not limited to efforts related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, energy policies/state mandates, demand management, or grid modernization.

The program provides individualized assistance to help local jurisdictions design energy initiatives and identify funding, tools and other resources. This service is available to every member agency, up to two times per agency. Various member agencies have taken advantage of this assistance and given thorough responses and resources, which can be accessed below:

Member Agency Resources
Climate Action Plan Matrix

The Climate Action Plan Matrix highlights key elements of a local jurisdiction’s most recent Climate Action Plan (CAP) and provides suggestions on corresponding updates or adjustments to current examples.

Reach Codes

The Reach Codes document provides an overview of resources related to reach codes, a local building energy code that “reaches” beyond the state minimum requirements, which includes model policies, implementation examples, a list of approved local energy standards in California, and partnership ideas.


The Microgrids document provides high-level costing information, an overview of a risk assessment tool for project planning and design, and additional resources from a variety of professional, trade associations, and research groups specializing in microgrids.

Energy Storage RFPs

This Energy Storage RFPs document provides a list of Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) examples on energy storage and renewable energy resources for local governments.

Clean Power Alliance and LGC are excited to offer technical assistance and capacity building support to our member agencies. If you're a member agency interested in applying for this service or have any questions about the Sustainable Energy Incubator, please contact Christian Cruz or Amber McGarvey.