Meet the Staff – Gabby Monzon

Meet the CPA Staff

Tell us about your background.
Before joining CPA, I was the Deputy City Clerk at Culver City, where I focused on voter outreach and education initiatives, managed the public records request program, and oversaw the daily operations of the City Clerk’s Office.

Prior to that, I worked in the clerk’s office at several public agencies where I also assisted in municipal elections, administered records management, and monitored Brown Act compliance.
What responsibilities do you have here at Clean Power Alliance?
I am primarily responsible for coordinating our Board of Directors and committee meetings and ensuring that those meetings are accessible to the public.  I work closely with our excellent staff to gather reports and post agendas in accordance with legal deadlines to ensure that our Board members receive the information they need to make important decisions about the organization.

What are you most proud of in working here at CPA?
I am most proud of the relationships I have built here at CPA, not only with our staff, but all our Board members who dedicate their time to ensuring that CPA continues to deliver quality service and affordable clean energy to all customers.

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