Meet the Staff – Alex Caryotakis

Meet the CPA Staff

My first job in the energy industry was as a research assistant reading electric meters at UCLA graduate student housing. After college, my first “real” energy job was in low-income energy efficiency programs at Southern California Edison.

I previously worked on modernizing the enrollment process for the Energy Savings Assistance Program, where I focused on finding ways to quickly and efficiently enroll customers in the program. I collaborated with the team to update the technological tools of in-home-assessors by configuring tablet computers to directly connect to the program’s database.

What responsibilities do you have here at Clean Power Alliance?

I work in contract management on the Structured Contracts team within the Power Supply Department, working on each step of the lifecycle of CPA’s contracts for clean energy and energy storage projects. I support efforts to find new projects via Requests for Offers (RFOs) and serve as a contact for developers as they move through construction and getting connected to CPA’s customers through the California Independent System Operator.

What are you most proud of in working here at CPA?

I am really proud of CPA’s growing battery energy storage portfolio and the team we have working on it. Storage is absolutely critical to the grid, but the technology is still relatively new as a resource on California’s electricity grid, so we are definitely problem-solving with our developer partners every day!

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