Meet the Staff – Christian Cruz

Meet the CPA Staff

Tell us about your background.

I began my career in public service as an intern with the City of Pomona Public Works Department. Since then I have been involved in locally impactful work on several issues including water policy, homelessness, and transportation.

I have been lucky to work with over 55 cities in Los Angeles County and two of the largest Join Power Authorities (San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments and CPA) in the State of California. I have also worked in the public sector for 13 years, with the goal of bettering all communities, which is one of the primary reasons I joined CPA.

What responsibilities do you have here at Clean Power Alliance?

At CPA, I work closely with our Community Advisory Committee members (CAC). These members represent seven regions that encompass the entirety of CPA’s service territory. The CAC is critical in working with CPA staff and advising the Board of Directors on a range of critical issues, such as programs, rates, and budgeting.

What are you most proud of in working here at CPA?

In 2018, I was lucky enough to join CPA right at the launch as energy services were about to begin. The mission of CPA aligns with my personal beliefs on sustainability and knowing that I am part of an organization that has been critical in positively impacting our environment is what I am most proud of.

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