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Meet the Staff – Raynette Tom

Meet the CPA Staff

Tell us about your background.

I started my career working for a Council Member at the City of Los Angeles.

I then transitioned into the private sector, supporting senior partners at leading law firms who focused on some of the most complex areas of law: Government Practice, Entertainment Sports and Media, and Mergers & Acquisitions. 

I’ve also worked for CEO’s, Directors and VPs of large companies in a variety of industries such as Vitamin Manufacturing, Project Management/Construction and Commercial Real Estate. 

What responsibilities do you have here at Clean Power Alliance?

I like to think of myself as an extension of the CEO. In that capacity, I liaise with all levels of staff, consultants, and elected officials on behalf of the CEO. I actively seek to build relationships with internal staff to facilitate the CEO’s ability to effectively lead the organization. I do my best to act as a barometer, understanding the different issues taking place in the organization and keeping the CEO updated as needed. 

What are you most proud of in working here at CPA?   

I am proud that I have been able to build and cultivate relationships despite not being in the office with them for almost two years. I enjoy being part of this amazing team!

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