2021 Clean Power Alliance Electricity Rates – Five Things You Need to Know

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  1. Clean Power Alliance provides more 100% Green Power than any other electricity provider in the country! With CPA, you get reliable energy and you can feel good when you turn the lights on because you are reducing emissions associated with energy produced by dirtier energy sources. With CPA, customers have two other options, which are lower cost but still environmentally-friendly. To learn about our three products you can click here.

  2. On July 1, CPA implemented new rates. The new rates exempted our most in need customers (CARE/FERA/Medical Baseline) customers from rate increases for another year. The rest of residential customers will see increases of between $2-$8, depending on the plan and usage.

  3. We realize this is a hard time for our customers with so many families impacted by COVID-19 and its related economic fallout. And just as we supported our communities through COVID-19 with a bill credit, we will be with our community during the recovery. Until just this year, we had both the lowest rates available in our service area and the cleanest energy since we began providing service over three years ago. We have developed programs to help customers in need. To learn more, please visit cleanpoweralliance.org/CPAbillhelp.

  4. Additionally, through our Power Response program and the transition to Residential TOU rates, CPA will be helping educate customers how they can save money and emissions by taking control of their electricity usage. Please click here to learn more about ways to reduce your electricity use which saves money and the environment – especially in the Summer when energy prices are higher and the source of the energy is not as environmentally-friendly.

  5. More information on CPA’s new rates can be found here for residential customers and here for our non-residential customers.