Clean Power Alliance Launches New Smart Tech Programs and Solar+Storage Marketplace

Programs include solar and battery storage online shopping portal and several demand response programs.

February 18, 2020

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) launched new programs and online resources to help its customers access solar and battery storage back-up power and earn financial incentives managing their energy use. Since 2018, CPA has been the innovative new electricity provider serving 31 cities across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. The CPA Power Response one-year pilot programs will include smart thermostat, solar and storage, and electric vehicle charger demand reduction programs to reduce grid stress.

“In the fight against climate change we need to deploy as many tools as possible,” said Ted Bardacke, CPA Executive Director. “Helping our customers earn incentives with smart technologies are part of our long-term vision to reduce emissions and increase grid stability by shifting energy demand away from times when it is dirty and costly.”

The CPA Power Response Pilot Programs, operated in partnership with Olivine, will offer smart thermostat and solar and storage programs that will serve residential customers, while it’s solar and storage and electric vehicle charger demand reduction programs will benefit commercial and municipal customers. Participating customers will be paid for enrolling and reducing their energy during peak energy times and notified about when to reduce and how much they’ll be paid.

"CPA’s Power Response Program goes above and beyond current market options to enable customers to participate in the clean energy ecosystem. We are proud to be deploying our Olivine Community platform and enabling technology suite with CPA, " said Beth Reid, Olivine CEO. "Our company is excited to partner with Clean Power Alliance to bring solutions to California homes and businesses that allow them use cleaner power and support local resiliency.”

CPA also launched an online Solar Marketplace in collaboration with EnergySage for customers seeking solar and or solar-plus-storage battery systems to help reduce the impact of power outages. Customers can quickly receive and compare solar quotes from local, vetted contractors through the user-friendly website. Each quote is customized to the property’s specific solar needs and the customer’s CPA rate tier in order to provide accurate costs and future savings. CPA customers will also get support from EnergySage’s vendor-neutral Energy Advisors and educational tools to answer their questions about various solar and battery companies, equipment, and financing options.

“Programs like these are very important for proactively engaging customers about their property’s solar potential and for making clean energy more accessible overall,” said Tess O’Brien, Vice Present of Partnerships at EnergySage. “We’re thrilled to be a part of Clean Power Alliance’s set of solutions for providing their customers with the right resources for making actionable, educated energy decisions.”


Author Name: Allison Mannos, Senior Marketing Manager

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